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Rodent Control Services in Mumbai

Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning of the animals that live on man for their food and shelter. Because of this dependency they can sometimes be found even in the best kept premises. They cause epidemics and diseases.

Pest Control performs a methodical study of rats to ensure effective rodent control Mumbai. We ensure the latest and the most effectual technology is used for pest control for rats in Mumbai. We provides highly targeted treatment to deal with rat problems and will advise on how to keep your rats free home in the future.

We offer effective rodent control services. Notorious for their nature of harming valuable property, rats can create havoc in agricultural produce or in residences. They contaminate food by their urine, feaces, and impart foul odor.
This menace is efficiently addressed by our rodent control programme, wherein we comprehend the following aspects primarily:
• Degree of attack
• Premises to be treated - home, bakery, hotel, pharma R & D, hotels.

Our techniques:
• Use of poison baits
• Use of sticky traps
• Fumigation techniques.
• Use of mechanical traps

How does it work?

The application of Rat Repellent temporarily affects the mucous membrane of rats. The rats after a long exposure, gradually starts developing a fear to the smell and hence, moves away from the area where it is applied.

The fear is well communicated with the other rats. As a result, its application can keep away other rats also from the area for a long time.

Note that rats will visit the area for 7-10 days before the repellency begins and rats start running away from the surroundings.

How does the product help in controlling rat population?

It is found that access to food or harvesting season facilitates high breeding rates in rats. Therefore, cutting access to food can bring down rat population.

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